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Zeitgeschichte in einer politisierten Geschichtskultur: Historiographie zum 20. Jahrhundert in Österreich

Contemporary History in a Politicized Historical Culture: Historiography on Austria's 20th Century
[journal article]

Botz, Gerhard


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Further Details
Abstract Contemporary History is always part of a historical culture, part of a society’s mindset. This article reflects the rise, establishment and changes of this discipline in Austria in a "post-catastrophic" situation after 1945. It is shown what phases of politicisation and attempts of instrumentalisation there have been, how research topics have changed and what methodological turns can be identified. This article is structured as follows: 1. Contemporary History as "post-catastrophic" historical mindset; 2. The origins of Austrian contemporary history as "coalition historiography"; 3. Contemporary history as "political enlightment" program, 4. Contemporary history as historical social science; and 5. Postmodern parallelism: engagement and "historization", empathy and "visual turn".
Keywords contemporary history; historiography; political culture; social history; political history; science of history; scientific discipline; Austria
Classification General History; Social History, Historical Social Research
Free Keywords Historiography
Document language German
Publication Year 2016
Page/Pages p. 105-132
Journal Historical Social Research, Supplement (2016) 28
Issue topic Gerhard Botz - Zeitgeschichte zwischen Politik, Biografie und Methodik: Gewalt und Nationalsozialismus in Österreich im 20. Jahrhundert
ISSN 0936-6784
Status Published Version; peer reviewed
Licence Creative Commons - Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works