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The communicative construction of collectivities: an interdisciplinary approach to media history

Die kommunikative Konstruktion von Kollektivitäten: ein interdisziplinärer Zugang zur Mediengeschichte
[journal article]

Marszolek, Inge; Robel, Yvonne


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Further Details
Abstract The paper discusses some concepts, trends, and deficits in recent media history, and it makes a plea for a history of communication to implement media into a broader conception of social history. Therefore, we employ a wider notion of mediatization which is used in media and communication studies, and re-formulate it for historical research. On the basis of that notion, we introduce the theoretical concept of ‘communicative figurations’ which an interdisciplinary research group in Bremen and Hamburg developed to ask how changing media environments and ensembles interrelate with societal and political transformations. In transferring it in research on imagined communities in times of analogue media, the paper presents some early insights into an on-going project and pursues questions about the communicative construction of collectivities.
Keywords history of media; mediatization; communication media; mass communication; historical development; social history; communication sciences; collective identity
Classification Basic Research, General Concepts and History of the Science of Communication
Free Keywords imagined communities
Document language English
Publication Year 2016
Page/Pages p. 328-357
Journal Historical Social Research, 41 (2016) 1
ISSN 0172-6404
Status Published Version; peer reviewed
Licence Creative Commons - Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works