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Sozialstruktur, gesellschaftliche Wertorientierungen und Wahlabsicht: Ergebnisse eines Zeitvergleichs des deutschen Elektorats 1953 und 1976 [1977]

Social Structure, Social Value Orientations and Voter Intentions: Results from a Temporal Comparison of the German Electorate, 1953 and 1976
[journal article]

Pappi, Franz Urban

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Further Details
Abstract Social cleavages are defined as coalitions of large societal groups which are themselves organized in interest groups and other organizations with certain po-litical parties. Overcoming the macro analysis of Lipset and Rokkan, value orientations are analyzed as micro mechanisms connecting social structural positions and voting behavior. By replicating survey questions in 1976 which were first asked in a 1953 survey, changes of in the relation between certain social structural positons and voting over time are documented. A major result is that the political re-orientation of the new middle class towards the Social Democrats was less driven driven less by left economic attitudes than by increasing liberal attitudes towards marriage and family which are were propagated by the SPD.
Keywords voting behavior; social structure; voter; class membership; middle class; value-orientation; religiousness; political attitude; social change; party system; political conflict; conflict structure; Federal Republic of Germany
Classification Political Process, Elections, Political Sociology, Political Culture; General Sociology, Basic Research, General Concepts and History of Sociology, Sociological Theories
Free Keywords social cleavages
Document language German
Publication Year 2015
Page/Pages p. 81-121
Journal Historical Social Research, Supplement (2015) 27
Issue topic Politisierte Sozialstruktur und Wählerverhalten bei Bundestagswahlen
ISSN 0936-6784
Status Published Version; peer reviewed
Licence Creative Commons - Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works