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Action research and the study of human being


Lambert, Enoch A.


Bitte beziehen Sie sich beim Zitieren dieses Dokumentes immer auf folgenden Persistent Identifier (PID):http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-383186

Weitere Angaben:
Abstract "Despite the openness of action research to engage with several philosophical movements from the 20th century, there does not seem to be as much engagement with existentialist thought. I try to point out and further articulate certain affinities that I see between action research and existentialist philosophy. I suggest that action research can gain from exploring these connections. Based on the existentialist perspective, I compare action research and more standard social science. In particular, I use Heidegger’s notions of “das Man” and an “existentialist essence” of human being as a key to bringing out these differences and for suggesting ways in which action research may capitalize on such differences." (author's abstract)
Thesaurusschlagwörter existentialism; action research; Heidegger, M.; human being; social research; hermeneutics; social science
Klassifikation Philosophie, Theologie
Sprache Dokument Englisch
Publikationsjahr 2005
Seitenangabe S. 290-310
Zeitschriftentitel International Journal of Action Research, 1 (2005) 3
ISSN 1861-1303
Status Veröffentlichungsversion; begutachtet (peer reviewed)
Lizenz Deposit Licence - Keine Weiterverbreitung, keine Bearbeitung