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Can you relate? : the importance of need satisfaction for the quality and progressive union formation process of intimate relationships

Nur die Verbundenheit zählt? : die Bedeutung partnerschaftlicher Bedürfniserfüllung für die Qualität und fortschreitende Institutionalisierung von Paarbeziehungen
[journal article]

Schmahl, Franziska; Walper, Sabine

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Abstract "This article deals with the significance of autonomy and relatedness as central needs in intimate relationships. It examines the influences of need satisfaction on relationship quality and progressive union formation ('institutionalization') processes of intimate relationships. Using a random sample of 1,914 couples in a longitudinal, dyadic survey design, we ascertained the actor and partner effects of autonomy and relatedness on relationship quality and the union formation process. A cluster analysis resulted in four types of relationship need satisfaction, distinguished by high values in both domains, high values in only one of the domains, or low need satisfaction in both domains. Balanced fulfillment of autonomy and relatedness predicts the comparatively highest values of relationship satisfaction and future orientation (commitment). Moreover, low need satisfaction in relationships reduces the progress of union formation processes (cohabitation, marriage, childbirth). Women demonstrate more intense actor and partner effects of relationship need satisfaction than men." (author's abstract)
Keywords partner relationship; partnership; choice of partner; autonomous behavior; individualization; need satisfaction; family; work-family balance; gender-specific factors
Classification Family Sociology, Sociology of Sexual Behavior
Method empirical; quantitative empirical
Document language English
Publication Year 2012
Page/Pages p. 361-392
Journal Comparative Population Studies - Zeitschrift für Bevölkerungswissenschaft, 37 (2012) 3/4
Issue topic Empirical Analyses based on the German Family Panel (pairfam)
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.4232/10.CPoS-2012-01en
ISSN 1869-8999
Status Published Version; peer reviewed
Licence Deposit Licence - No Redistribution, No Modifications