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Turning social identity threat into challenge : status stability and cardiovascular reactivity during inter-group competition

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Scheepers, Daan

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Abstract "The current research examined the occurrence of threat and challenge in low and high status groups resulting from the stability of inter-group status differences during an inter-group competition. It was hypothesized that members of low status groups are relatively threatened when status differences are stable, but that this threat turns into a challenge when status differences become unstable. By contrast, unstable status relations were predicted to lead to threat in members of high status groups. Participants (N = 40) were categorized in minimal groups. Inter-group status differences, and the stability of these differences, were manipulated by providing feedback on three group tasks. During these tasks cardiovascular threat and challenge responses were measured following the biopsychosocial model [BPS; Blascovich, J., & Tomaka, J. (1996). The biopsychosocial model of arousal regulation. In M. Zanna (Ed.), Advances in experimental social psychology (Vol. 28, pp. 1–51). New York: Academic Press]. Results were in line with expectations and are discussed in terms of the BPS model and social identity theory." [author's abstract]
Keywords motivation
Classification Social Psychology
Free Keywords Social identity; Threat; Challenge; Cardiovascular; Inter-group relations; Group status
Document language English
Publication Year 2008
Page/Pages p. 228-233
Journal Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45 (2008) 1
Status Postprint; peer reviewed
Licence PEER Licence Agreement (applicable only to documents from PEER project)