@article { Rubin2009,
title = {The entitlement approach – a case for framework development rather than demolition },
author = {Rubin, Olivier },
journal = {Journal of Development Studies },
number = {4 },
pages = {621-640 },
volume = {45 },
year = {2009 },
url = {http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-134701 },
abstract = {The article dismisses most of the objections previously forwarded in this journal by Khandakar Qudrat-I Elahi against Amartya Sen's framework for famine analysis: the entitlement approach. Instead, the article argues that even thirty years after the conception of the entitlement approach, it remains a potent framework for famine analysis, as illustrated by the recent 2005 famine. However, as contemporary famines are increasingly linked to factors that have hitherto received limited attention in entitlement analysis – conflicts, legal collapses and political struggles – the article calls for supplementary famine analysis on the meso and macro levels.},