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Harvesten der SSOAR-Metadaten über OAI-PMH-Schnittstelle möglich

1. I can't create PDF files but I'd still like to use SSOAR? What should I do?

Just get in touch with us. Maybe we can convert the document to PDF for you or give you tips as to how to do it yourself. Our e-mail address is: redaktion[a]


2. I used the online form to deposit a document which was already in SSOAR. What should I do?

Don't worry! You needn't do anything. All self-archived documents are checked by our staff before they are released. (See FAQ VIII.1:  How are documents in SSOAR indexed?). In the case of double deposits, the newest data set is deleted. However, to save everybody's time, it's a good idea to use the Search function to view SSOAR content in advance and check whether the document in question has already been deposited.