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Harvesten der SSOAR-Metadaten über OAI-PMH-Schnittstelle möglich

1. How are documents in SSOAR indexed?

Basically, a distinction is made between formal/bibliographic indexing and content indexing. All data which describe an article is known as metadata. Formal indexing comprises data such as the name of the author(s), the title of the contribution, the journal title, and the year and place of publication. Content indexing comprises the description of the document by means of an abstract, keywords and a system of categories by means of which it is also possible to browse in SSOAR. (See FAQ VIII.2: What fields does the online form contain? What metadata is recorded?)

For the assignment of keywords, SSOAR uses the Thesaurus for the social sciences and the Social Sciences Classification.

As a special service for German-speaking authors, further fields and data are recorded by a qualified documentation officer. This service includes the assignment of keywords, categories and possibly the insertion of an abstract, if the author hasn't already done so. Such content-related data makes the document easier to retrieve.