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Harvesten der SSOAR-Metadaten über OAI-PMH-Schnittstelle möglich

1. How do I deposit documents in SSOAR?

In principle, anyone who publishes scientific work can deposit texts or documents in SSOAR. All you need is Internet access. There are two ways to deposit texts in SSOAR: a) via our online form (see FAQ VII.2: Why should I use the online form to deposit my document) and b) via the appropriate button adjacent to the document in question in

During the deposit procedure, a licence agreement is concluded between the author(s) and SSOAR (using an online form) in which the rights and obligations of both parties are defined (See FAQ V.2: What licences are used in SSOAR?).


2. Why should I use the online form to deposit my document?

The metadata fields in the online form allow you to describe your document. These metadata help to make your documents findable in SSOAR because, besides the keyword search, the metadata are sorted for the browser function.

(See also FAQ VIII.2: What fields does the online form contain? What metadata is recorded?).


3. What file formats can SSOAR accommodate?

At SSOAR we prefer Portable Document Format (PDF) because it is versatile, it can be used across platforms, and texts and graphics in this format are easily retrieved.

To create PDF documents you need special software. Payware such as Adobe Distiller is often recommended for this purpose. However freeware such as WordToPDF or FreePDF is also available. With this free software, Word documents can be converted easily to PDF. Another option is to use the free OpenOffice/SunOffice package, which can export directly to PDF and is also capable of converting Word texts.

If you don't have such a programme (and are not able to download it from the Internet), just get in touch with SSOAR's editorial staff enclosing your texts as Word or RTF files for inspection.

Under certain circumstances, you can use HTML or PostScript formats. However, it is better to check in advance with SSOAR's editorial staff.


4. How can documents be read or printed?

As a rule, SSOAR documents are available in standard PDF format. To read or print you need freeware such as Acrobat Reader .


5. Can documents stored in SSOAR be amended or deleted? How long do documents remain available online?

In order to guarantee the authenticity and citability of the documents, it is not possible to amend deposited documents.

Deletions may be carried out only at the express request of the author or other authorised persons.

Amended versions must be deposited anew using the online form, so that the new metadata corresponds with the amended document (as is the procedure in the case of new editions of print works.)

These regulations are necessary because every document archived in SSOAR is assigned a Uniform Resource Name (URN) thereby giving it a lasting and stable address. This URN is included in the citation.