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Harvesten der SSOAR-Metadaten über OAI-PMH-Schnittstelle möglich

1. Are documents stored in SSOAR citable?

Many people still think that electronic repositories are less secure than other sources and that lasting access to their content is not possible. Contrary to this persistently-held view, documents stored in SSOAR are citable on a long-term basis. A Uniform Resource Name (URN) is generated for each document archived in SSOAR. This URN ensures the citability of the document.

With regard to the formal guidelines for citing online sources, there are different standards, depending on the discipline in question and the publisher/journal in which the SSOAR document is to be cited. As a matter of principle, you should always cite the relevant bibliographic data of the work in question and the URN.


2. Can I recommend and forward SSOAR documents to others?

By clicking the SHARE button can deposit your document as a bookmark with various social bookmarking services or mail it to interested colleagues.


3. Can I export document data?

Using the Export function, a document's bibliographic data can be exported to Endnote or Bibtex so that they can be directly integrated into your existing reference management programmes. Moreover, we offer various citation styles via copy & paste such as "Chicago" or "Zeitschrift für Soziologie".


4. Are download statistics available for individual documents?

Download and access data are recorded for each document and available online with each document.

Our co-operationpartners receive monthly statistics over all published fultexts.

5. What databases, search engines and other retrieval systems have access to documents stored in SSOAR?

SSOAR is not just a document archive in its own right, it is also linked to other larger information systems. For example, SSOAR documents are indexed by the following search engines and databases:

Information portals/gateways:

·         sowiport (social science portal)

· (global scientific gateway)

SOLIS - Social Science Literature Information System:

Open Access-specific lists & accesses:

  • DRIVER-Project (Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research)
  • OpenDOAR (Directory of Open Access Repositories)
  • BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

General search engines:

And of course, SSOAR can also be found via all the usual Internet search engines. We are making particular efforts to get SSOAR documents indexed and findable via Google Scholar and other scholarly search engines.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can broaden our reach even further, please send an e-mail to our editorial staff: redaktion(at)


6. Does SSOAR have an Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) interface?

The SSOAR's OAI-PMH interface can be accessed via the URL  Vie Identify you can access basic information about the interface and via ListRecords you can get a list of all documents accessible in the SSOAR. The SSOAR is registered as a data provider for OAI-PMH (see the list under