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Harvesten der SSOAR-Metadaten über OAI-PMH-Schnittstelle möglich

1. Why should I deposit a contribution in SSOAR which has already appeared in a print journal or a book?

Texts in print journals or in collective volumes (e.g. conference proceedings) generally have a limited circulation. By making your work available in SSOAR you reach a much wider readership. Furthermore, collective volumes are often taken off the market quite quickly which means that these texts are either no longer accessible to interested readers or difficult to find.

Using SSOAR rather than, say, a private website to store documents has the advantage that the texts are citable with a stable Internet address. To this end, each document archived in SSOAR is given a Uniform Resource Name (URN) which guarantees that the text will be available under that address in perpetuity.

In contrast to texts which are made available via a private website, SSOAR documents are formally indexed (see FAQ VIII.1: How are documents in SSOAR indexed?) which means that they are easier to find.

And finally, documents stored in SSOAR can be found through search engines and they also appear in other databases. This means that they can be accessed in several different locations, depending on where the members of the respective scholarly community look.

(See FAQ VI.5: What databases, search engines and other retrieval systems will have access to documents stored in SSOAR?)


2. When should I consider depositing a preprint in SSOAR?

Sometimes journals/publishers allow only the unrefereed preprints of published texts to be self-archived. (See FAQ IV.2: What does my publisher allow?) In such cases, one should ask oneself whether it is worthwhile to make such a preprint available to one's scholarly community for comments. If the preprint deviates considerably from the published version, or if it contains errors which were not discovered until the peer-review stage, it is better to refrain from archiving it. If you have any questions concerning preprints, just contact the SSOAR editorial staff.