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Harvesten der SSOAR-Metadaten über OAI-PMH-Schnittstelle möglich


To make SSOAR easier to use, we have compiled a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which we will continually update on the basis of your questions and feedback.

The FAQs are divided thematically into nine subgroups. You can either click on an individual question below to access it directly, or you can use the left menu bar to search by thematic subgroup. This FAQ section is intended to serve as a quick reference guide. While SSOAR endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the answers, they do not constitute legal advice.  

Whether you are a reader, author, journal editor, publisher or portal provider, please feel free to contact us for more information. Our editorial staff will be happy to help you.

I. How to search SSOAR

1. What does SSOAR contain?

2. Can I search for a specific document or author in SSOAR?

3. Can I find out about new document arrivals?

4. Does a search in SSOAR also extend to documents in other databases?

II. Types of document

1. What type of document can I deposit in SSOAR?

2. When is a text a postprint? When is it a preprint? And what is the relationship between the postprint and the publisher's version?

III. The benefits of self-archiving (depositing documents in  digital archives in addition to publishing)

1. Why should I deposit a contribution in SSOAR which has already appeared in a print journal or a book?

2. When should I consider depositing a preprint in SSOAR?

IV. Copyright issues

1. Who "owns" my text? And when am I legally entitled to self-archive a published paper in SSOAR?

2. What does my publisher allow?

3. What legal provisions must I observe if I want to self-archive a published monograph?

4. When entering into publishing agreements, what can I do to retain the right to self-archive my work?

5. Can I self-archive a document in SSOAR as the sole means of making the work available to the public?

6. What legal provisions must I observe when using SSOAR to make my work available to the public for the first time?

7. Can documents be copied and plagiarised by others?

V. Licences

1. Why do I grant a licence when I deposit a document in SSOAR?

2. What licences are used in SSOAR?

3. What types of Creative Commons licences are there?

4. What licence is recommended for deposits in SSOAR?

VI. Dissemination of documents deposited in SSOAR

1. Are documents deposited in SSOAR citable?

2. Can I recommend and forward SSOAR documents to others?

3. Can I export document data?

4. Are download statistics available for individual documents?

5. What databases, search engines and other retrieval systems have access to documents stored in SSOAR?

6. Does SSOAR have an Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) interface?

VII. How to deposit documents in SSOAR

1. How do I deposit documents in SSOAR?

2. Why should I use the online form to deposit my document?

3. What file formats can SSOAR accommodate?

4. How can documents be viewed and printed?

5. Can documents in SSOAR be amended or deleted? How long do documents remain available online?

VIII. Metadata

1. How are documents in SSOAR indexed?

2. What fields does the online form contain? What metadata is recorded?

3. Must all the metadata be provided?

IX. Problem solving

1 . I can't create PDF files but I'd still like to use SSOAR? What should I do?

2. I used the online form to deposit a document which was already in SSOAR. What should I do?