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Harvesten der SSOAR-Metadaten über OAI-PMH-Schnittstelle möglich

Cooperation with publishers

SSOAR facilitates free the flow of knowledge and offers publishers an additional platform to enhance the dissemination and visibility of their authors's publications. Books and current or past issues of journals can be made accessible via SSOAR repository.

SSOAR welcomes enquiries from publishers and journal editors!

Following punlishers cooperate with SSOAR repository:

Barbara Budrich Publishers and Budrich UniPress are two scientific publishing companies under one roof. Barbara Budrich Publishers' list of social science publications represents the academic fields of education, gender studies, political science, social work/public policy, sociology, history, psychology. Many publications are in German. However, the list includes English language publications as well. Most of the publications are available in print and online. Budrich Publishers publish hand- and textbooks for social and educational sciences. Budrich Publishers publish relevant literature particularly within the framework of a cooperative distribution service UTB which unites about 20 German-language scientific publishers from a number of academic fields.

Furthermore, Budrich Publishers wish to offer a publication forum which opens publication opportunities to both junior and senior scientists. English-language publications contribute to international opening of social sciences. Although Budrich Publishers understand themselves predominantly as European publishers, they have their own office and a distribution partner in the United States.

Barbara Budrich Publishers oversee a growing number of academic journals from relevant scientific disciplines. These include currently journals - amongst others - from the field of social science research methods (BIOS, ZQF), child, youth and family research (Diskurs, ZfF, Pädagogische Korrespondenz), gender (femina politica, GENDER, Spirale der Zeit, Freiburger Geschlechterstudien), political education (GWP), politics (dms, ZPTh, Politics, Culture and Socialisation) and the Mitteilungsblatt der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (education). Since 15.1.2010 most of the journals have been accessible online at: www.budrich-journals.de.


For more than twenty years, the Centaurus publishing house has been publishing literature mainly in the domains of philosophical, social and legal science. The publishing house offers ca. 1,800 titles which are supplemented by 50 new releases each year. Centaurus moreover publishes nearly 120 series for universities and institutions. Since 1990, the journal »Soziale Probleme« (social problems) has been a regular component of the annual publications. Competence, diligence and proven quality contribute to the publishing success of qualified research literature and academic titles. Centaurus connects modern and professional online marketing with well-established traditions of a classic publishing house, hence a wide-spread dissemination, publicity and findability of the works is achieved on the internet.