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Harvesten der SSOAR-Metadaten über OAI-PMH-Schnittstelle möglich

Open-access strategies

Under the open-access "colour code", the two main implementation strategies -- open-access publishing and self-archiving -- are assigned the colours gold and green respectively. (Meanwhile there are also some hybrid forms.)

  • The gold road -- open-access publishing -- refers to the primary publication of scholarly articles etc. in open-access journals. It also includes the open-access publication of other original manuscript types such as monographs and anthologies. Just like manuscripts which are published in print form, these texts undergo peer review. The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) gives an overview of about 3,000 peer-reviewed open-access journals (as of October 2007); see also open-access journals of qualitative research.
  • The green road -- self-archiving -- refers to the deposition of manuscripts in an institutional or discipline-specific open-access repository, possibly in parallel with or after publication in a conventional journal. The main content of such archives are unreviewed preprints and peer-reviewed postprints of contributions which are intended for publication or, in the case of postprints, have already been published in a subscription-based peer-reviewed journal. However, other document types such as monographs, research reports and conference proceedings are also accepted.